A miniprogram to help your research career

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Concise, Clear

The UI design is simple and comfortable to quickly find the information you need.

Multi area data

Contains information on papers and conferences in a variety of fields, including but not limited to: computer science, social sciences, life sciences, physics, mathematics, etc.

Multi dimensional information

The closing practice, meeting location, starting practice, and history of each meeting were recorded.

Lightweight and reliable

Front and rear end separation design. The front-end uses Vant component library to design, combined with subcontracting processing, loading on demand, improve the performance and loading speed of miniprograms. The backend is designed using the Kratos microservices framework to ensure high availability and high performance of applications.

Night mode adaptation

Miniprogram automatic recognition system mode, automatically switch between day mode and night mode, give you excellent visual enjoyment.

Aging adaptation

Miniprograms automatically recognize the aging mode of wechat, automatically adjust the font of small programs, so that you have the best use experience.

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